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An interest in the guitar has probably kept me sane and out of mischief for many years. My early heroes as a teenager were Julian Bream and the American jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd, who played classical, jazz, blues and latin music on the Spanish Guitar - something I try to do myself.

While it was Charlie Byrd who first showed me that it was possible to play a wide variety of music on the classical guitar I've continued to do so because I like the variety and feel that it's easier to sustain the listener's interest this way too. Other guitarists who have inspired me since include John Williams, Isaac Guillory, Andrew York and the American Jazz guitarist Earl Klugh. I also enjoy playing pieces by composers such as George Shearing, Dudley Moore, Lennon/McCartney and get a kick out of bringing the work of good musicians to a wider audience

The pieces I play are either from sheet music or painstakingly learned by ear from recordings. Over the years I've developed a pretty good ear and some skill at deciphering recorded music, on the guitar or other instruments, and then arranging the piece so that it is playable, musical and reasonably authentic. If there is no sheet music available this is the only way you can play the piece so I find it a useful way of enlarging the repertoire and a challenge to do the music justice.

The CD's seem to have gone down well as a source of relaxation and among discerning music-lovers of a certain age who enjoy an acoustic backdrop to a quiet meal and a bottle of wine!

By setting up this website I hope my music will reach a wider audience and that it may encourage other part-time guitarists to experiment, maybe record and above all to go on playing.

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